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For almost six decades OEM has been making an impact by providing machined products to our various industries. All of our products aren’t just machined, they are made to last.

Our products execute value and are supported by our trustworthy customer service. In our business we express the ability to show complex skills, specialties, and strengths that are versatile and essential in every industry. Our top of the line machines, advanced technology, and experienced staff incorporate together to create the best products we can for our customers.


Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing partners with our customers to create solutions that meet solve every need, develop a reliable relationship that’s equally beneficial for all parties involved, as well as preserving a customer based business. Our customers often appreciate that our close family owned business is still small in size which allows for more undeviating communication and direct answers while not having to climb the corporate ladder. 

We express gratification to the supplier and customer relationships we have developed over the last 60 years. Below, we have listed on a small scale just a few customers that we are lucky to serve. 

Cutting Edge Machines & Technology 

Our top of the line CNC machines and developed software used in our facility creates consistency within all of our products. In regards to the machines on our shop floor, we are pleased to say that most reflect a newer product consuming efficient CNC inclines. To our team at Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing, having new and improved equipment is paramount to our manufacturing services. 

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