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July 2017 Newsletter


July 2017 Newsletter: Issue 7                                                                                                                                                                                             Innovation Since 1959

Industry News

American factories powered up in June at the fastest pace in nearly three years, with robust advances in production, orders, and employment. The busy season every manufacturing company is having indicates a firming in the economy in  various aspects. Data from the Institute for Supply Management showed the factory index rose to an outstanding rate of 57.8 in comparison to last month’s 54.9. Statistics show manufacturing is having the highest ratings since   August of 2014.

Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing is proud to be apart of the improved need for manufactured products, we certainly support surrounding manufacturing companies and honor the relationships we have  gratefully have with other suppliers.

We Thank You

This year has generated record breaking numbers for the Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing team. Since January of 2017, we have had the pleasing opportunity of shipping over 292,000 parts to all of our customers world wide. Over the last few months our team has put in extra overtime consisting of larger production runs, extra training for the new markets that we are serving as a supplier, as well as all around new faces to assist with the business improvements that we are creating. Our company is passionate about the machining and manufacturing processes that we produce for our customers. We appreciate the patience we have received from our clientele, the OEM team prioritizes that we must serve as a reliable supplier. Lastly, we are thankful for the strong team that we have today,  their extraordinary hard work makes everything possible. OEM has more news to come,  follow us to stay updated.

Team Player of Recognition for July 2017

Over the past few months our company has made various advancements by introducing new additions to our team, Liz is one of these great additions. Liz serves as our Shop Floor Supervisor Her daily responsibilities include thorough training, observing, and assuring all of our machining processes go smoothly, while supervising the    entire shop floor of 3 various shifts. We appreciate the team effort Liz indicates in her daily attributes. OEM looks forward to having Liz’s optimism continue to drive us  further forward.

Employee Milestones

Cody Dickerson                                                                                    

Over the past two years, Cody has served as a valuable member to our quality team. In a daily occurrence, Cody is in charge of various part inspections, quality documentation, and ensuring satisfaction with our customers. In regards to astounding ambition and team work, Cody makes it his responsibility to express them both on a daily bases.

Matt Sabin

To our team it is important to receive dedication from any of our employees, we’d like to say thank you to Matt Sabin who has been on the OEM team for the last 5 years. Matt has the responsibility of producing production runs and machine set-ups within our Horizontal Mill aisle.  His indomitable actions show that when it comes to machining, passion goes far.

Earl Knox

Earl has been with our company for the last 3 years as a 3rd shift CNC operator. Over this period of time, he     contributes himself to training new employees, operating our CNC equipment, overseeing night shift production, and assuring that all members of 3rd shift are receiving the machining assistance that they need. Earl does a great job at indicating hard work and punctuality!

Joel Juett

Joel has been recognized a few times as a team player to the Oskaloosa Engineering & Mfg staff, we find  that he industriously goes out of his away to assist with jobs that need done. Between welding, broaching, or machining, Joel is there with a helping hand.  The OEM team would like to thank him for the last 2 years he has put in with our team. We also significantly appreciate all of our hardworking team members, and look forward to a promising future filled with success!

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