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OEM Employee Milestones: Help Us Celebrate!

Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing

Help us celebrate our employee milestones! 

We consider our facility to be one big family. Without our hardworking and ambitious staff, we wouldn’t be who we are today! Let’s celebrate this month’s milestones of our determined OEM employees!

Brandon Graham- General Manager for 7 Years

Brandon has served as our aspiring GM for the last 7 years. He has devoted himself to strive for excellence within OEM. Brandon says “Our focus is our customers. Whether we are in contact with a farmer or a large corporation, we will make sure our customer receives the best service and products possible. No details or customers are ever too small, we value every single one of them”

Bryce Neer- Lathe Operator & Supervisor for 1 Year

Bryce has diligently contributed himself to OEM for the last year. He appreciates our family atmosphere and is determined to work hard for the growing global demand in our company’s future. Bryce says “We’re unique because of the knowledge and speed that we offer, it separates us from our competition.”

Denise Crile- Buyer for 6 Years

Denise fulfills the duties as our motivated buyer.  Since it’s important to us to provide outstanding care and devotion for our customers and partners, Denise is one of the many within our company to express it. For the last six years she has dedicated herself to show off our competitive aspects within OEM.

Lee Wright– Maintenance for 2 Years

Lee Wright has been with us at Oskaloosa Engineering for the last 2 years. When it comes to his position working hard is essential, he does a great job at fulfilling these requirements. We look forwards to sharing many more years with Lee on our team!

Robert MacGowan- Quality for 2 Years

Robert has dedicated himself whole heartedly to our company for the last 2 years. Within his role of quality he always makes it his mission of paramount to assure our customers with gratification. Robert says “I am impressed with the systems in place that assist in making our processes flow more smoothly. My time so far has passed by quickly, I look forward to this upcoming year.”

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