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Quality Control

We Go the Extra Mile 

Why do we provide outstanding quality assurance?

Customer P.C.P's


Frequency Gauging

Required Inspections with the Best Equipment

We meet specific expectations. 

Our quality lab is equipped with a manual and a CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for inspecting products to our customers specifications.

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Quality – The Right Way

Our quality system is in place to assure product conformance from start to completion.

We not only deliver impressive products that exceed expectations, we deliver customer satisfaction beyond experience.

In our quality lab we use detailed control plans and work Instructions throughout our facility to assure all product characteristics are intact, the required gauging is applied, and inspection frequency is fulfilled. We mean it when we say we go the extra mile. 

For almost 60 years, OEM has been committed to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and to provide continuous improvement in our process by:

Providing superior service to every customer in ALL phases of product distribution

Nurturing an atmosphere among employees at all levels so self-respect, understanding, compassion, friendship, and courtesy are incorporated into our way of life, thus attaining the highest level of employee satisfaction.

Allowing for a style of operation promoting a level of service exceeding the expectations of the business community, thus reaching our goal of attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

•    OEM uses a variety of calibrated gauges to inspect all required characteristics of your products.

•    Certified calibration masters are traceable to a national standard.

•    Detailed Process Control Plans that cover all print characteristics, required gaging and frequency of inspection. Capability and capacity for providing requested quality documentation.


PH-A14 Profile Projector Comparator 

  • Bench-top model that uses horizontal optical system
  • Suitable for thread pitch measurements
  • Inverted image on the day bright screen
  • Heavy-duty workpiece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement.

Consistently Exceeding Expectations 

At Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing we are committed to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and to provide continuous improvement in our processes. Our team is passionate for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We are a vigorous and ambitious business who serves our community and our partnerships.

You deserve the best, we can help with that!

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