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When Leadership & Hard Work Pays Off

Leadership Above & Beyond 

2017 OEM Employees Earning Attendance Pay 


       As 2017 is coming to an end, our team has collaborated it’s annual attendance report. Each year, a report is released to express which recipients of the OEM team have provided our company with excellent attendance throughout the year.  According to this years report, the OEM team had TWELVE eligible team members to meet the criteria of our attendance policy. All twelve of these  individuals logged in to be here between 85.5 to 100% of  their required shifts. 

     The following individuals are apart of the group to meet this years standard and receive attendance pay:  Joel Juett, Nick Burgey, Bruce Johnson, Mat Graham, Jeff Hiatt, Matt Sabin, Tony White, Jarvis Brooks, Zack Steinhart, Brady Graham, and Shelby Rice. This will be the first year to have this many qualifying individuals receive these earnings. All recipients will receive 1 hour of pay for each week of attendance pay earned. On behalf of the OEM team, we are so grateful to be able to make this announcement as well as having these employees apart of our team. We thank you for your hard work and appreciate your leadership.