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Bruce J.

25 Years of Hard Work & Dedication

This week the Oskaloosa Engineering & Mfg team has the privilege of celebrating a very monumental day for one of our team mates, Bruce Johnson. On our company lunch time we gathered together for a cookout to celebrate of Bruce dedicating himself to our company for the last 25 years! Along with a large cake and other potluck items, we as a team sat amongst each other all to support Bruce for his very special day. Some members of the OEM team collected various company attire to Bruce to show off, other local goodies, and an embroidered OEM jacket for Bruce to have in remembrance of his time with us so far. Not to mention a paid day off, he deserves it! 

We would like to express gratification for all of his hard work and driven personality. Bruce currently runs production within our Lathe aisle, he also once handled our Shipping and Receiving department. Between all of his responsibilities he has done a diligent job at getting things done when needed while having an optimistic attitudes that helps other employees around him.

On behalf the entire Oskaloosa Engineering and Manufacturing team, we are thankful to have an individual such as Bruce on our team and would like to congratulate him on this accomplishment.

Bruce has officially been with our company through the ups and downs, as well as through our innovation and market growth. Bruce Johnson has been a part of the OEM team and family for the last 25 years! We cannot thank him enough for his daily and reliable contributions that he gives to our company. Overall, he is one of the most punctual employees our company has ever honorably had on our team. Our records show that out of the last fourteen years, Bruce has ranked in at a 97% attendance score, Now that is impressive, thank you Bruce!