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Ford Raptor Visit to Oskaloosa Engineering & Mfg


Inspiring incentives are key to keeping a successful staff motivated to complete our daily responsibilities. Last week the Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing team experienced just that! A local dealership, Kraig Ford, allowed our company to receive the opportunity of exploring a new Ford Raptor truck. This honorable occasion was very special to our team in consideration of the products that we manufacture and machine in house located on the Ford Raptor trucks.

In 2015, we gratefully were awarded this Ford contract to begin manufacturing the left and right control arms encompassed in the suspension unit of all trucks within this model. Since our awardence, we have opened an additional 3rd shift to increase our machining capacity. We didn’t stop there with our improvements, we also purchased two BRAND NEW 5th axis Okuma machines to produce these parts. Our dedication to this project meant we were surfacing to be a reliable supplier, we have and are willing to make these capital investments to encourage trustworthy partnerships benefiting not only us, but other suppliers.

We are proud to express the local support we have from our community as well as from our local Ford dealership, Kraig Ford located in Oskaloosa, IA. We would like to give a special thanks to our customer allowing us to machine these 1,200 sets a week, as well as to our team on all 3 shifts creating these paired control arms. Hard work is the weekly inducement that drives us to accomplish our shipment goals every week. We are in hopes that by our team observing the parts we create in our facility, first hand right under the front end of the Ford Raptor trucks, it would inspire them to feel passion as well as importance in their jobs. The world we live in would not exists without manufacturing. Stay updated for more with Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing.