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Kyl West – Seeding

January 2018 Employee of the Month – Kyl West

Employee of the Month – Kyl West 


We are proud to announce the chosen Employee of the Month for January, Kyl West. He has been with Oskaloosa Engineering and Manufacturing for almost thirteen years as a set-up machinist. Our team would like to express our recognition for all that he does around our facility.

Kyl is a very skilled individual who expresses hard work and demonstrates his passion for machining. Within the last thirteen years of his involvement with OEM, he has learned to handle all of our equipment, understand and excel with our tooling and fixturing, as well as creating new improvement processes to make us more of a lean manufacturer. 

Our team is grateful to have Kyl be apart of our wonderful and hard working team. On behalf Oskaloosa Engineering and Manufacturing, we would like to thank Kyl and congratulate him on this accomplishment.