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Teeing Off for Community Support

          The Oskaloosa Indian Activity Booster Club held this year’s seventh annual golf tournament on Saturday August 5th, 2017 at Oskaloosa Public Golf. The golfers and attendees of this event were involved in fundraising the various spirited activities of the Oskaloosa Indians. Twenty-seven golf teams were treated to the lovely greens and grounds of Oskaloosa Public Golf, as well as different activities along the course including speed golf, bowling, bags, and a baseball toss.

          Along with the many other advocates for this event, fourteen members and affiliates of the Oskaloosa Engineering and Manufacturing team were devoted in golfing to golf to support the Oskaloosa Indians. During this tournament, the Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing team broke into teams of three of four members and golfed the day away. After a fun-filled and successful day, four members of the Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing team took first place in this community tournament. One of those participants said, “Our Company is more than grateful to be able to assist in something superb like this. We will continue to gather employees from the OEM team for this tournament; creating local support marks valuable importance within our company. Stay tuned for the fun details of next year’s tournament!” On behalf of the OEM team, we are thankful to be able to be involved in this event as well as being a part of such a great community whom stands together.

              With more than eighty dedicated local attendees, the Oskaloosa Booster Club was able to accomplish a set goal, as well as bring a community together. This annual tournament is one of the largest fundraising events for the Oskaloosa Indians Booster Club. A member of the OIBC stated that on just Saturday’s outing, a total of $12,750 was raised in honor of supporting the Oskaloosa Indians and the Oskaloosa Community. All donations and fees will be used in providing funding for student activities around the Oskaloosa area; some of these activities include all Oskaloosa sports, Robotics, Student Council, Community Stadium and renovation projects, After Prom Events, Homecoming, Middle School and High School activities, and much more. With recent community support and local devoted businesses, our community will be able to continue producing notable contributions to all students and athletes of the Oskaloosa Schools, all student participants, and of course the Oskaloosa Community.