One-of-a-Kind Gearboxes

Product Lines

Worm Drives 25:1 and 50:1 Ratios

PTS 40:1

Right Angle 1.2:1

2 Speed


Gearbox-Markets Served


Off-Highway Equipment

Salt and Sand

Conveyor Industry

We Do It Right

100% Machined in our facility

100% Assembled in our facility



Compliant with our customers

Gearboxes made with power—the right way

Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing is an original equipment manufacturer of power transmissions and gearcases for the agriculture industry. Our reducer/increaser gearboxes are 100% machined and assembled complete in our facility and are compliant with our customers’ torque, horsepower, and durability specifications. If you are in need of a power transmission solution, please inquire through the Contact Us page and we will provide gear ratios and pricing based on your needs.