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Cutting Edge Equipment

In addition to the equipment listed below, Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing offers in-house tooling and fixture work, value-added assembly of finished machined parts, and in-house welding services. OEM maintains a full Quality Control lab with two Mitutoyo CMM’s to measure all varieties of features on your products.

Additionally, our personnel is capable of CMM programming for your provided dimensions and tolerances.

Oskaloosa Engineering & Manufacturing Machining List & Capabilities

(1) Okuma MC-4VAE 

(1) Okuma M560V High Column with Tsudakoma RWA-320R 4th Axis 

(4) Okuma M560V w/ RWA-320 R 4th Axis 

(2) Okuma M560V 

(7) Okuma MA-6000HII 

(2) Okuma MA-600HB 

Okuma MA-500HII 

Okuma MA-800HB 

Okuma MB-8000H 

Okuma MA-1250H

(3) Johnford SL-500 

Amera Seiki T-412 

Hwacheon HI-ECO35 

Okuma ES-L10 

Okuma LB4000 EX-II 750-M 

(2) Okuma Genos L3000M-e x 450mm 

Okuma Genos L3000M-e X 450mm with Edge 12ft Bar Feeder 

Okuma Genos L3000MYW-e X 400mm

Oil Gear Broach -XL50A 66″ Stroke

Oil Gear Broach -XL20 56″ Stroke

Balance Specialties 20D x 75 lbs.

Assembly Install bearings, snap rings, bushings, grease fittings, seals, dust caps, and custom fixturing

Miller Multimatic 255 with Gun Push Pull 15′ XR-A Aluma

Econoline 60 x 48 Clam-shell
Working Dimensions: Height 40″ x Width 60″ x Depth 48″  |  Abrasive Media: Glass Beads  |  Both top and side openings with 26″ turntable.

Haffner MAC-440 Beam Drill Line
Milling, Drilling, Cutting & Tapping of aluminum profiles in 4-axis  |  Processing Length: 157.48 in.  |  Machinable Length: 161.41 in.  |  Traverse Path X-axis: 181.10 in.  |  Traverse Path Y-axis: 36.61 in.  |  Traverse Path Z-axis: 24.60 in.

Flow Mach 4c 4030 XD CNC Waterjet with 5 Axis Hyperjet
[94,000 PSI]  |  Table Capacity: 10ft X 13ft.  |  Material: Up to 12″ thickness of any material.  |  Linear Accuracy: .001 in/3 ft  |  Precision: +/- .001  |  Repeatability: .001 in  |  Maximum Speed: 1,400 IPM

Haffner TA-144 CNC Saw
Cutting Accuracy: +/-.004 in. |   Infeed roller conveyor: 118.11 in.  |  Cutting Saw Blade: 21.65″  |  Ability to do automatic slicing and to create a cutting list.



Heat Treat

Gear Hobbing

Plasma/Laser Cutting

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